Joseph Morgan marries Persia White in Jamaica [x]

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Klebekah Appreciation Week ~ Day 4: Favourite ‘Partners-in-Crime’ Moment

"Yeah, you’ll have to excuse the mess. Apparently Damon hurt her feelings."

Klebekah appreciation week: Day 5 - Most heartbreaking moment

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Klebekah appreciation week: Day 1 - Why I love them

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Klaus → 1x15: Le Grand Guignol
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day 3 - favorite flashback
This memory is so important. It’s such a touchy moment. It was the perfect beginning of an episode dedicated to their relationship.

Klaus was already taking care of her when they were little kids. It’s so clear that “Nik” was her favourite brother. The one who made her laugh and gave her gifs. Everyone calls him “Klaus” or “Niklaus”, but Rebekah is the only one who uses “Nik”.

I guess she has always felt safe around him because he would never let something happen to her. That memory is definitely precious to both of them.

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TO Meme - [1/1] OTP → Klebekah

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